The effect of the subconscious

23 Feb

It’s been estimated that 5% of our thinking is done with the conscious mind, while 95% employs our subconscious mind.  With such a lopsided ratio it would serve us well to explore the framework of the subconscious thinking responsible for so much of our interpretations and actions. As discussed earlier, our subconscious mind is laden with the biases and filters of past experiences and what others have trained us to think about ourselves and the world we live in; while the conscious mind is responsible for relating to and interfacing with our world. Consider this phenomenon of building the assumptions, agenda, and beliefs of the subconscious aspect of ourselves. Although the programming is done via the conscious mind, there is no guarantee that what is being inputted into our minds is accurate. Any passing wives tale, folkloric legend, misguided conclusion or assumption – whether it be about your own talents and abilities or the character of a race of people, or any social or political conviction – if it is accepted by our conscious mind it becomes gospel for our lives; forever driving our actions and filtering further experiences.

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